Take action on Housing and Homelessness!

Call on your members of Congress to support housing and homelessness programs at the ELCA Action Center.

Today, the unmanageable cost of housing is one of the most serious drivers of poverty across the country. For around 75% of extremely low-income renters, over half of their monthly income must be spent on rent. This leaves very little money for food, healthcare, child care, transportation, and other vital day-to-day costs. Unreasonably high rent costs force families to face terrifying instability that can include overcrowding, eviction or homelessness. Families across our nation deserve housing that is affordable, which is a challenge in both urban and rural communities.

Through outdoor congregations, shelter ministries, worship and support, Lutheran churches throughout the country are taking action by providing support for our communities. The ELCA social message on Homelessness envisions a world where all people live in safe, affordable, and decent housing, grounded in our theological understanding that, “housing is a fundamental human right.”  We are called to care for our neighbors and each other as Christians dedicated to serve Christ.

When families are able to rely on affordable housing, this can make the difference between fearing eviction and  striving for greater economic mobility.

As Congress prepares to pass a final spending bill and set our federal investments at the end of this year, we must make sure that support for housing and homeless programs does not fall off the radar of our elected leaders. Housing, for too many years, has been given little support at the national level—compounding the effect of the affordable housing crisis. Let us remind our lawmakers that, as Christians, “working for justice with and for homeless people is doing God’s will.”  

Send a customized letter to your members of Congress now to show your support for affordable housing and homelessness programs!

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