LAMPa Advocacy Action Center

Share Your Thanks for Safe Harbor Passage
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 554, known as Safe Harbor to prevent the child victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation from being criminally prosecuted.

National Alerts

Safeguard Dreamers and all who seek safety in the U.S.
Urge Congress to pass the Dream Act without harming children or families seeking safety in the U.S.
Support a Strong Farm Bill in 2018
Take action on hunger and call on Congress to support a strong 2018 Farm Bill.
#For Such a Time: Infrastructure
This October we pray, fast and act in support of federal programs that improve our nation's infrastructure.
Advocate now: Help end preventable maternal and newborn deaths globally
A bipartisan group of senators and representatives recently introduced the Reach Every Mother and Child Act to help end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths globally.