LAMPa Advocacy Action Center

Protect Against Threats to Our Environment in Budget Deal
From raiding funds to rolling back protections, budget proposals being considered in Harrisburg threaten PA's environment and the health of its citizens. Contact your lawmakers today and urge them to reject further weakening of important safeguards.
Stop Gambling Expansion in PA
State officials are looking to expand gambling as a way to close the budget gap. Gambling addiction is a growing source of suffering seen in our congregations and communities. Please urge lawmakers to resist this "quick fix" to our fiscal woes.

National Alerts

Safeguard Dreamers and all who seek safety in the U.S.
Urge Congress to pass the Dream Act without harming children or families seeking safety in the U.S.
Say No to Senate Tax Bill
Cutting taxes without a plan to feed our country is not a plan for America. Eliminating the mandate for Americans to have healthcare in order to cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals is not a healthcare plan for our country.
#For Such a Time: Take action today for climate resiliency!
This November we pray, fast and act for protection and resiliency in the face of destructive natural disasters and changing weather patterns.
#ForSuchATime: Housing and Homelessness
This October we pray, fast and act to protect people facing homelessness, poverty, and eviction.