LOPPW - Advocacy Action Center

Support Criminal Justice Reform for non-violent youth
Help 17-year-old Youth Offenders Receive a Better Chance to Change
Support Victims of Sex-Trafficking in Wisconsin
Support a WI state bill, AB 267, that includes a fiscal estimate of between $3-$8.5 million to help with services.
Protect our Constitution
Tell Wisconsin Lawmakers No to a Constitutional Convention

National Alerts

Tell Congress: 22 million without healthcare is unacceptable!
Our faith compels us to believe that in a nation of great abundance, we can and should make sure everyone in our country has access to quality affordable health care.
#ForSuchATime -- June advocacy action!
This June we pray, fast and act to protect vital nutritional assistance, housing, and community-strengthening federal programs.
Peace Not Walls - June 2017
Preserve funding for UNRWA in the 2018 budget so it can continue to support the welfare and development of millions of Palestinian refugees.
Take action against Gender-Based Violence!
Globally, an estimated one-in-three women will experience physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their lifetime. The International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) will help prevent violence against women and girls overseas.