ELCA Advocacy Action Center

Safeguard Dreamers and all who seek safety in the U.S.
Urge Congress to pass the Dream Act without harming children or families seeking safety in the U.S.
Support a Strong Farm Bill in 2018
Take action on hunger and call on Congress to support a strong 2018 Farm Bill.
Take action on Global Food Security!
Food insecurity continues to be a major global challenge. The Global Food Security Act will enhance programs and strategies such as Feed the Future to combat world hunger.
#For Such a Time: Higher Education
Together with presiding bishops of the ELCA and The Episcopal Church, we PRAY, FAST and ACT in support of federal programs that support higher education and learning.
#For Such a Time: Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security
This July we pray, fast and act for all those who rely on our nation's social safety net programs to receive medical care or retirement income.
Advocate now: Help end preventable maternal and newborn deaths globally
A bipartisan group of senators and representatives recently introduced the Reach Every Mother and Child Act to help end preventable maternal, newborn, and child deaths globally.
Bring attention to Voting Rights before Election Day!
Urge your members of Congress to pass The Voting Rights Advancement Act today to restore the voting rights of all Americans.
Combat Gender-Based Violence
Globally, an estimated one-in-three women will experience physical, sexual and psychological abuse in their lifetime. Urge senators to support International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) to help prevent violence against women and girls overseas!
Join faith leaders! Take action on Campaign Finance Reform today!
Urge your members of Congress to make comprehensive campaign finance reforms, and sharpen political accountability in our elections.
Peace Not Walls - August
Tell Congress: Call for a lasting cease-fire between Gaza and Israel and support for the people of Gaza.
Peace Not Walls - March
Stand up for Palestinian children's human rights. Ask your representative to support H.R. 4391.
Peace Not Walls Alert
Contact your members of Congress today to urge full restoration of UNRWA funding and support for Palestinian children in Israeli military detention.
Support Domestic and International Environmental Programs
As Lutherans, we recognize that our failure to protect God's people and all of creation leads to problems that intensify social injustices, resulting in situations where those who are marginalized and vulnerable are most impacted.
Take action to end gun violence!
Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton issued a pastoral letter following the Parkland shooting. Join other faith leaders and advocates to support better policies that can help curb violence.
Urge Congress to use the budget to keep families together
As Congress continues the process of approving funds for DHS and DOS, urge Senators to respect God's given dignity in all people.
#For Such a Time: Disaster Preparedness
Churches and civic organizations are ready help in the wake of disaster, but can be hampered by governmental bureaucracy. With better access to federal resources these organizations can better address the aftermath of disasters.
#For Such a Time: Education and Opportunity
We pray, fast and act in support of federal programs that are vital in support people while they study and make educational and training resources more effective and accessible.
#For Such a Time: Investing in Women and Girls
Together we PRAY, FAST and ACT in support of federal programs that are vital in improving the lives of women and girls around the world.
#For Such a Time: Take action today for climate resiliency!
This November we pray, fast and act for protection and resiliency in the face of destructive natural disasters and changing weather patterns.
#For Such a Time: Veterans
This May we pray, fast and act to continue investments for veterans and their families!
#ForSuchATime: Housing and Homelessness
This October we pray, fast and act for investments in housing and homeless assistance.