Support Affordable Housing and Homeless Programs

Urge Congress to Pass a Budget with Strong Homeless and Affordable Housing Programs 

Housing KeyAs Congress discusses funding levels in the Fiscal Year 2020 federal budget, it is a critical time to support strategic programs that help end homelessness and the rising cost of housing for middle and low-income households. In past budget deals, housing programs have often seen the smallest increases when compared to other programs – making it a critical issue to bring to the attention of our lawmakers. Under the draft budget that the White House requested of Congress, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would lose about 11 percent of its current budget for housing assistance that serves nearly 5 million low-income Americans a year.

Many Lutheran and interfaith partners provide essential housing services for seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income families in the greatest need. The ELCA social message, “Homelessness: A Renewal of Commitment," affirms that, “Church leaders are challenged to help create the public will to eliminate homelessness.” As followers of Jesus, we understand that shelter and affordable housing are more than simple commodities – a secure home is the foundation that enables people to build and thrive. “Where God's love for people who are homeless is heard and lived, hope is engendered,” the social statement reads, “that breaks the downward spiral of life.”

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