Urge Congress to pass the Global Fragility Act

Take action on global hunger and stability 

A bipartisan group of Representatives and Senators have recently introduced the Global Fragility Act of 2019, a legislation that seeks to improve the capacity of the United States government to identify and address root causes of violent conflicts around the world. Among other things, the bill requires the Administration to develop a 10-year strategy for preventing violent conflicts in fragile countries. This legislation also authorizes critical funds that will support conflict prevention programs and activities in selected priority countries and calls for development of measures to assess effectiveness of such efforts 

This landmark legislation comes at a time when the world is experiencing a resurgence of violent conflicts that have led to tremendous devastation and humanitarian crises. The ELCA Social Statement, “For Peace in God’s World” calls on us all to support efforts that promote peace and prevent conflict around the world.  

UPDATE: The House of Representatives passed this bill in May. Now we need the Senate to pass it before the President signs it into law. Please take this moment to ask your senators to support the Global Fragility Act of 2019!  


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