Protect the housing rights of mixed-immigration status families


#KeepFamiliesTogether: Take action on the HUD Non-Citizen Rule

Public Comment 82Earlier in May, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), opened a notice of proposed rulemaking that would prohibit mixed-immigration status families from living in federal affordable housing programs. The proposal is now open for public comments through July 9th, and many ecumenical, interfaith and secular partners are taking action.

Mixed-status households are ones that include family members who are both eligible and ineligible for housing assistance based on their immigration status. Traditionally, under HUD’s standard rules, eligible mixed-status families receive housing subsidies distributed specifically so that ineligible family members do not receive assistance and eligible members do.

By HUD’s internal cost estimations, over 70% of the those affected by the proposed rule would be people otherwise eligible for assistance, the large majority being children. If the proposed change is enacted, roughly 25,000 affected families and 55,000 children currently living with housing assistance could face an impossible choice between being evicted from their homes or being separated from their families. In some cases, eligible family members who lose assistance could be at risk of homelessness. This, coupled with the cost of increased administration enforcement, could mean that the net effect of the rule will leave less money for assistance given to other families. (*Read more about the costs of the proposed rule here).

People of faith, understanding the importance of stable housing as a fundamental building block for family health, can carry a unique voice in this conversation. Lutheran social teaching on immigration promotes protection of the most vulnerable, the welfare of the family, and the dignified treatment of immigrants. HUD’s proposed rule on mixed status families threatens to punish citizens and eligible noncitizens alike for having an immigrant family member.

Share a unique, customized public comment with the Department of Housing and Urban Development below to oppose the proposed rule. Share why you, your community and congregation care about maintaining the integrity and moral aims of our supportive housing programs.


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