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Please thank your House member for support of anti-trafficking bills 

In bipartisan action, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed Senate Bill 60, which would increase penalties for those engaged in human trafficking and use increased fines to pay for appropriate social services for child sex trafficking victims.

The bill heads to Gov. Wolf for his signature. In addition, House members unanimously passed a package of related bills to stop trafficking and protect its victims. 

Thank you to all LAMPa advocates who have been working for years to end human trafficking in Pennsylvania and address the root issues of poverty, dehumanization and violence that make our children and neighbors vulnerable to such exploitation. 


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Thank you for your support of this bipartisan effort to end human trafficking in Pennsylvania. We are especially grateful that you recognize the roots of this crime in the factors that make our children and neighbors vulnerable to such exploitation.

Thank you for the work that you do on behalf of all Pennsylvanians. We look forward to working with you on further efforts to prevent human trafficking and protect and restore its victims.

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