COVID-19 Recovery For All


A Green and Equitable 'Recovery for All' in California


While we know the outcomes could have been far worse if not for California’s bold and early actions, we can’t ignore that the COVID-19 emergency is laying bare the structural inequities that have long plagued our communities. Our current economic system, which benefits a select few, is broken. Our safety net is far too thin to protect the most vulnerable Californians in the best of times, much less to cushion millions of families on the margins from a nuclear-level economic fallout.

This pandemic has only amplified our already unacceptable, destructive legacy of structural racism and inequality. The death toll -- disproportionately people of color -- has exposed the inevitable consequences of unequal access to affordable health care and the social determinants of health. It has laid bare the consequences of decades of inattention to inequality in housing, our environment, quality childcare and education.

We are encouraged by positive trends in COVID-19 hospitalizations and a reduction in lives lost each today. However, we know that without employing the kind of bold action California has taken to flatten the curve, our state’s human toll of poverty, hunger, and lack of opportunity will persist throughout our lifetimes and crush the dreams of our next generation. 

Having “met the moment,” Californians must now take the opportunity to enact transformational reforms that eradicate the diseases of racism, inequity, and exclusion that leave people, as well as our government and economy, vulnerable to future natural and economic disasters.

The Building the California Dream Alliance, of which we are members, submitted a letter to state leaders with policy recommendations for a Recovery for All. Please endorse any or all of these recommendations and share your story -- why this matters to you. 




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Dear [Decision Maker],

First, we must be bold and ambitious in providing immediate relief to millions of
Californians impacted by the disaster. Second we must be focused and assertive in
charting a course for long-term recovery that allows every Californian to thrive.

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