Cosponsors Needed for Energy Efficiency & Conservation Legislation

Rippling Water

In the face of climate, health and economic crises,  lawmakers can help Pennsylvanians cut waste that exacerbates all three. 

The cleanest, kindest, least expensive energy is the kind we don't have to produce at all -- because we make smart use of what we already have.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are reintroducing bipartisan legislation to address energy efficiency and water conservation in appliances sold in the commonwealth. If passed, the bill would implement energy standards that would elimate 231,000 tons of pollution, slash nitrogen oxide emissions by 96 tons and sulphur dioxide emissions by 105 tons. Both are air pollutants that contribute to asthma and other respiratory ailments, which disproportionately afflict Black, Hispanic and Indigenous communities . Higher efficiency would save consumers, many who are struggling to pay utility bills in the wake of the pandemic-related downturn, an estimated $108 million on future energy bills. As our economy recovers, we can protect Pennsylvanians from inefficient products that cost all of us much more than money.

Please ask your lawmakers to co-sponsor the appliance efficiency standards legislation today. 






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The cleanest, kindest, least expensive energy is the energy that isn't produced at all -- because we are making smart use of what we already have.

Recently, Sen. Lindsey Williams and representatives Wendi Thomas and Jennifer O'Mara announced plans to reintroduce energy efficiency and water conservation standards for a set of appliances being sold in Pennsylvania. By 2025, these standards could cut global warming pollution by 231,000 tons, the equivalent of taking 48,000 cars off of the road. If enacted, they could also save Pennsylvania consumers and businesses approximately $108 million on their utility bills.

Thank you for your service. I look forward to hearing from you on cosponsoring this legislation.

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