Senate support to Keep Women and Girls Safe Globally

Urge your Senator to Co-sponsor the Keeping Women and Girls Safe from the Start Act of 2021!

A bipartisan group of Senators has recently introduced the Keeping Women and Girls Safe from the Start Act of 2021 (S.765), a bill to improve our capacity to prevent gender-based violence and provide early interventions in countries experiencing humanitarian emergencies. Similar to a bill in the House, Safe from the Start Act of 2021 (H.R. 571), S. 765 will codify the Safe from the Start initiative currently administered by the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Aid (USAID). This initiative provides training and other resources to mitigate risks for gender-based violence and improves humanitarian workers’ ability to address needs of those impacted by gender-based violence in humanitarian situations. Additionally, the Keeping Women and Girls Safe from the Start Act enhances partnerships with local organizations and institutes Congressional accountability measures.

Gender-based violence increases during conflict and humanitarian crises. The United Nations reports that 1 in 5 refugees or internally displaced women living in humanitarian crisis have experienced sexual abuse. In conflict situations gender-based violence is sometimes used as a weapon of war. Initiatives such as Safe from the Start and the Global Call to Action on Protection from Gender-based Violence in Emergencies have moved this issue at the forefront of humanitarian work. It is crucial to ensure this transformation work continues.

As Christians we believe all human beings are made in the image of God. Gender-based violence rejects the created goodness and dignity that God gives to every human creature, and as the ELCA social message on “Gender-based Violence” says, “As a church we recognize and deplore the horrific suffering caused by gender-based violence globally.”

Please customize the letter with your experience and convictions to urge co-sponsorship in the Senate of the Keeping Women and Girls Safe from the Start Act of 2021.


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