Urge Housing in Infrastructure Discussions


Housing Concerns in Infrastructure Bill

This fall, as Congress continues to work on an historic new infrastructure package, it is an opportune moment to encourage our lawmakers to support greater access to affordable housing.  

According to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge, our nation has a shortage of over 7 million affordable homes for those of us with the lowest incomes (see "Out of Reach: The High Cost of Housing" from the National Low Income Housing Coalition). Lack of available housing options in recent years has created massive costs for new homeowners and renters alike across the economic spectrum, quickly becoming one of the leading drivers of homelessness and poverty in our communities.

For generations, congregations and experienced faith-based ministries across the U.S. have been critical partners in accompanying those of us facing homelessness. From our social teachings and service, we understand that housing is a deeply intersectional issue – one that impacts our experiences with hunger, job security, education, relationships and more. Supporting Housing Choice Vouchers and rebuilding dilapidating public housing will go a long way in addressing urgent short-term costs, while longer solutions, such as reinforcing our nation’s housing stock through the National Housing Trust Fund, can make a major difference in increasing affordability in the long run.

The House and Senate are deliberating NOW on how much they might spend in a wider infrastructure package, implemented through a budget reconciliation bill. Lawmakers in Congress need to hear our experiences, why housing must be a high priority in any infrastructure deal, and why those of us with the lowest incomes should be a top priority in any infrastructure deal.

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