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Take action to support a roadmap for lasting safety and security for Afghan evacuees.

At end of the U.S.’s lengthy war in Afghanistan, tens of thousands of U.S. affiliated and at-risk and vulnerable Afghans were evacuated. Over 80,000 were evacuated to the U.S. via Operation Allies Welcome, a multi-agency effort coordinated with resettlement agencies and other sectors in society. Among those were Afghan interpreters, embassy workers and U.S. government personnel and their families who assisted the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

Most Afghan evacuees arrived via humanitarian parole, a temporary status offering Afghans the opportunity to work and remain in the United States. for a one- to two-year period. However, humanitarian parole leaves few real opportunities to apply for permanent residency.
Congress must act now to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act to ensure Afghans seeking to make the United States their home can apply to become lawful permanent residents after one year. It’s important to note that when Afghans with humanitarian parole apply to adjust their status, they undergo additional screening and vetting procedures, adding to the robust measures already in place.

At a time like this, the church is called to be a serving presence in society, to advocate for generosity and compassionate welcome for those in need. For many Afghan evacuees, the transition into a new life hasn’t been easy. Many had to leave everything they knew behind to rebuild their lives in a country very distant in almost every way from their own. This is an experience which may resonate with many Lutherans. Our ELCA social message on “Immigration” recommends “fair and compassionate legislative solutions to the plight of refugees whose present temporary legal status is threatened.”

Lutherans are responding to our Afghan neighbors in many ways (more in “Welcome of Afghan newcomers” blog post), and policy makers need to hear from us. Send a customized letter through the ELCA Action Center today.

Share your convictions and lift up any connection you may have to ongoing resettlement efforts to relay our Christian witness in this situation. 


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