Urge the Senate to pass Climate Action in the Reconciliation Package

Urge the Senate to support climate action

Our changing climate continues to exacerbate a host of ills including floods, wildfires, droughts and intensified storms, driving global migration and civil conflicts while intensifying hunger, poverty and natural disasters. These climate burdens, while felt by all, are not equal. Globally, climate change poses the greatest threat to those often least responsible for it, including low-income and disadvantaged populations, women, racial minorities, marginalized ethnic groups and the elderly. As God’s people, we are compelled to act on climate with and on behalf of our neighbor and for the wholeness of Creation.

Facing these burdens will take action from Congress. We cannot afford to wait.

The House of Representatives has passed a reconciliation package that includes robust climate action. This special legislative process underway in the 117th Congress is being used to quickly advance high-priority fiscal legislation. The U.S. Senate now needs to take action and include provisions for clean transportation, coastal resilience measures and lessening carbon emissions throughout the United States. We need to encourage our senators to pass climate action in the reconciliation package in order to protect God’s creation and God’s people.

Join us and other interfaith advocates today calling on the Senate to take action to advance environmental priorities in the reconciliation package. Send a message to your Senator below, personalized with your perspectives and local experiences as a person of faith.

Posted 6/23/22


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