Global Food Security Reauthorization Act of 2022

Act in support of legislation to end hunger globally.

The commemoration of World Food Day, October 16, comes at a time when the world is experiencing food crises at levels not seen in a long time. The ELCA social statement For Peace in God’s World, reads: “Massive hunger and poverty, alongside abundance and wealth, violate the bonds of our common humanity.” We can’t stand by. It is critical for the United States and other nations responding to food insecurity to invest in resilient, multisectoral agricultural programs that will help families overcome hunger.

Urge your senator to support the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act (S.4649). This legislation provides congressional authorization to Feed the Future, a U.S. government initiative charged with combating chronic hunger and food insecurity around the world. Through Feed the Future, the U.S. government works with low-income countries to enhance agriculture development, nutrition and overall food security. Increased investments by the United States and participating countries have strengthened the ability of smallholder farmers to feed their families and communities, and thus contribute to their countries’ economic growth. Feed the Future estimates that its programs have prevented 3.4 million children from stunting and has lifted 23.4 million people out of poverty.

The House of Representatives has already passed this bill, it is now time for the Senate to do the same. Share your experiences and convictions by customizing the following message. Act now and urge your senator to pass S.4649!

Share your experiences and convictions by customizing the following message.
POSTED 10/13/2022


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