Help Avert Housing Cuts in FY24 Budget

Urge Congress to Pass a Budget with Strong Homeless and Affordable Housing Programs

In March, members of Congress began the routine annual process of writing the federal budget. This process comes as deep budget cuts have been proposed during early negotiations, and as lawmakers have had divisive conversations over raising the federal debt ceiling. In this context, faith advocates must communicate that no cuts should be inflicted on critically underfunded housing or homeless programs which impact many of us in great need.

Lutheran ministries, volunteer coordinators, faith-based shelters and houses of worship understand that access to adequate housing is a core human need. The limited supply of housing as rent costs rise and inflation continues is felt particularly by new prospective homeowners, renters, older Americans and many others in our rural and tribal communities. For hunger and nutrition, access to healthcare, educational outcomes, workforce development and more, housing is a vital baseline. Some houses of worship are even building affordable housing (here’s just one example). Such investment is among efforts to respond to the significant affordability crisis, which can force terrible choices on a household. Yet houses of worship alone cannot meet the large need without meaningful policy change and support from public partners.

“Greed, selfishness, and racism are also factors in the economics and politics of housing, contributing to the persistence and increase of homelessness,” states the ELCA social message “Homelessness: A Renewal of Commitment.” “Housing is a fundamental human right. The [U.S.] government has stated its commitment to the goal that all citizens have decent housing and a suitable living environment (Federal Housing Act of 1949).” (p. 2). Legislators setting priorities in the federal budget must understand that this is NOT a time to reduce investments in housing programs.

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POSTED 3/22/2023


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