Support Humanitarian and Peacebuilding Programs in the International Affairs Budget

Ask your members of Congress to provide robust funding for international humanitarian programs

Our commitment to peace as Christians affirms our support for human rights, conflict resolution and human dignity through cooperative international humanitarian support. The ELCA social statement For Peace in God’s Worldnames tasks voiced in "our hope that international relations can be ordered in ways that contribute to a just, free, secure, and nonviolent world. Yet we pursue this hope within the constraints and brokenness of our complex world" (p. 13). This is why it is meaningful to advocate for programs that support these values and projects in the 2024 federal budget.

Currently in discussion is the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (SFOPS) bill, which dictates the levels of funding for U.S. international humanitarian programs and work administered by USAID and U.S. Department of State in collaboration with international organizations such as the United Nations. The current version of the House international affairs budget would not only drastically slash funding for many of these crucial, lifesaving programs, but in some instances eliminate them entirely. Currently, the House bill lists multiple countries in conflict as ineligible for U.S. assistance, such as the Central African Republic (CAR). Since independence, CAR has experienced continuing episodes of violence, with most resulting harm being inflicted on the civilian population (more in a forthcoming ELCA Advocacy Blog post). U.S. contributions to the U.N. regular budget and multiple assistance programs would be cut entirely, as well as other peacebuilding and stabilization projects such as the Atrocities Prevention program which has had significant benefits in CAR through conflict resolution training and equipping remote communities with high-frequency radios among other aspects and locations.

The ELCA’s social statement on peace reads: “The Church is a disturbing presence when it refuses to be silent and instead speaks the truth in times when people shout out ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.” Our faithful advocacy can respond to cries for peace, even when we may not physically see or hear these cries from across the globe. It is imperative that we encourage our legislators to fully fund U.S. international humanitarian programs and global governing bodies, and to reject changes to the budget that would undermine projects providing aid and support to our international siblings most effected by conflict.

Ask members of Congress to fully support U.S. funding of international humanitarian programs in the 2024 international affairs budget that will provide aid to those crying out for peace. Customize the letter below in support of this request with your own words and stories.


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Fund Essential Humanitarian Programs in the SFOPS Appropriations Bill

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