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"Health care is a shared endeavor. Just as each person’s health relies on others, health care depends on our caring for others and ourselves."
-- ELCA Social Statement, "Caring for Health: Our Shared Endeavor."


More than half of Pennsylvanians have struggled to pay for health care, with more than a million reporting medical debt already in collections, according to a 2021 study. For many, a trip to the emergency room or even a planned surgery can mean overwhelming bills that can lead to a spiral of economic instability, family stress and unhealthy outcomes.

House Bill 78 would intervene in that cycle, aiming to prevent medical debt before a patient ever receives a bill, using programs that already exist. The legislation would reduce red tape, increase transparency and awareness and create a streamlined process for accessing health coverage and free or discounted care. For Pennsylvanians already struggling with medical debt, the program would provide relief and reduce predatory practices by collection agencies.

HB78 passed the House with bipartisan support as a standalone bill AND as part of its fiscal code bill, HB1300. Unfortunately, it was dropped by the Senate in the final version. But HB78 is still able to be passed on its own in the Senate! 

Send a note to your PA Senator to urge them to pass HB78!

We know by your reports that many neighbors served by our ministries name health care expense as a factor in their need. Please take a minute to speak up for them here. Include a personalized note! It really does make a difference! 

Thank you for your advocacy!


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