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Student pastor and Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago graduate student Betty Rendón was detained in the Kenosha County Detention Center in Wisconsin last May, and is currently back in Colombia, while Lutherans and other supporters continue to draw attention to her plight.  

The ELCA AMMPARO strategy is a holistic, whole church commitment by the ELCA to accompany people who are forced to flee their communities seeking protection from suffering or violence. As church together we work toward just and humane policies affecting migrants in and outside the United States.  ELCA AMPARO advocacy has repeatedly opposed Administration policies that pursue expansion of the detention of children and families as a deterrent to those who migrate or seek asylum in the U.S. The strategy calls instead for the U.S. government to keep families together while investing in programs that address the root causes of migration. 

Billions of tax dollars have been sought for deportation and immigration detention; dismantling the asylum process so that people seeking protection are turned away, militarizing our border communities, and keeping families apart by locking up their members. To support these actions the Trump Administration has been leveraging for additional funding to the Department of Homeland Security to use for temporary and semi-permanent facilities to process families and children and increase immigrant detention and deportation. These policies are designed to harm families and deny safety to people seeking protection.

Lutheran social teaching promotes protection of the most vulnerable, keeping families together and advocates for treating immigrants with dignity. As a church we welcome immigrants and newcomers without legal status and support their efforts to adjust that status and find refuge in the U.S. without fearing the current cruel and inhumane deterrence and detention tactics.

Migrants should not be penalized for seeking a safer and better future for them and their families. Share a unique, customized message with your members of Congress today to oppose funding for harmful immigration enforcement, and instead focus on humane treatment and bringing families together.  As you personalize your message, share how you envision an America where we welcome people like Betty Rendón and treat them with dignity and ensure their safety.

Learn more about Betty Rendón’s journey from fleeing Colombia during their civil war to excusing herself from Sunday responsibilities this weekend as a synodically-authorized ELCA leader of Emaus Lutheran Church in Racine Wisconsin when she was taken from her home at gunpoint by ICE, at https://emauselca.org/. Please accompany her family and community with prayers for her safe return to the United States and take action to send a message to Congress on AMMPARO priorities.  



Letter to Congress from thirty-one national religious groups of diverse denominations, calling on federal appropriators to recognize the moral aspect of their immigration funding decisions. 


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