LAMPa Advocacy Action Center

WIC Needs Your Support
Our feeding ministries are witnessing increases in need among families with young children, yet Congress is considering appropriations that would result in thousands being turned away for the first time in the history of WIC.
Let's Build on What Works to Tackle PA's Housing Crisis
The PA Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund works to fight blight, create and preserve affordable housing and keep seniors and persons with disabilities in their homes. Urge your lawmakers to support bipartisan efforts to expand it
Protect Against LGBTQ+ Discrimination in PA
In Pennsylvania, more than half a million LGBTQ+ residents are vulnerable to discrimination every day because of a lack of express and enduring protections at the state level. It's time to make PA a safe place to live, love and work for everyone.

National Alerts

Urge Congress to pass disaster aid supplemental
FEMA's Disaster Relief Fund nears depletion. Urge Congress to pass a disaster aid supplemental today. [Posted 9/19/2023]
Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act passage possible
A bipartisan team of Senators is working to expand housing supply and low-income protections. Tell Congress to take action today. [Posted 5/2/2023]
Help Avert Housing Cuts in FY24 Budget
Urge Congress to Pass a Budget with Strong Homeless and Affordable Housing Programs (Posted 3/22/2023)
Peace Not Walls - July 2023
Advance the Defense of Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation [Posted 7/20/23]
Simplify and Improve Disaster Response Policies
Urge Congress to improve disaster policy ahead of any possible natural disaster [Posted 6/1/23]
Support Policy that Improves Disaster Relief and Prevention
Urge Congress to pass effective disaster reform programs [Posted 9/29/22]
Support Policy to Recover Wildlife
The Recovering America's Wildlife Act is a bi-partisan solution the decline of America's Wildlife. [Posted 5/22/23]