LAMPa Advocacy Action Center

Bipartisan bills would help churches, communities go solar
SB 472 and HB 1555 enable community solar projects in PA that would allow us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while helpint to create a more resilient energy system.

National Alerts

Peace Not Walls - December 2021
Tell Congress to hold Israel accountable for its violations of human rights and international law
Peace Not Walls - January
Tell Congress to listen to and consider the views of Christian leaders in the Holy Land when making U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Support the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act
Join faith leaders in contacting Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act
Take action to help end HIV and AIDS today
On December 1, we join our global ecumenical, interfaith and civic partners in observing World AIDS Day. It is a time to be mindful of our siblings who have been impacted by HIV and AIDS, and to take meaningful action to reduce this plight worldwide.