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Urge Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit
As child poverty grows, lawmakers must prioritize tax relief for low-income families. [Posted: 11/9/23, Updated 2/20/2024]
Advocate for Conservation and Climate-Friendly Farm Bill Measures
Our action can advance sustainable agriculture and climate resilience. [Posted 4/17/24]
Looking Forward on Immigration, the Border
Advocate for more humane policies at the heart of immigration talks. [Posted: 1/24/24, updated 2/15/24]
Simplify and Improve Disaster Response Policies
Urge Congress to improve disaster policy ahead of any possible natural disaster [Posted 6/1/23]
Sumud - April 2024
Protect civilians in Gaza by opposing additional U.S. military aid to Israel, urging an immediate ceasefire, and advocating for continued humanitarian assistance. [Posted 4/18/2024]