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Advance Reparations Study Commission through White House
Faith and racial justice partners are calling for President Biden to establish a commission to study reparations, modeled on the principles of H.R. 40. (Posted 6/17/2022)
Advocate for Sensitive U.S. Asylum Policy and an End to Title 42
Restoring Asylum at the U.S.-Mexico Border must include dismantling outdated Title 42. (Posted 7/28/2022)
Please Support the people of Burma (Myanmar)
On February 1, 2021, the military of Burma (also known as Myanmar) launched a coup that overthrew the country's democratically elected government.
PNW - September 2022
Urge the Biden Administration to Hold Israel Accountable for Violations of International Law. [Posted 9/16/22]
Support Affordable Housing and Homeless Funding in FY23 Budget
Tell Congress: Prioritize housing and homeless programs in the FY23 federal budget [Posted: 6/14/2022]