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National Alerts

Senate support to Keep Women and Girls Safe Globally
A bipartisan group of Senators has recently introduced the Keeping Women and Girls Safe from the Start Act of 2021(S.765).
Advance Reparations Study Commission through White House
Faith and racial justice partners are calling for President Biden to establish a commission to study reparations, modeled on the principles of H.R. 40. (Posted 6/17/2022)
Advocate for Sensitive U.S. Asylum Policy and an End to Title 42
Restoring Asylum at the U.S.-Mexico Border must include dismantling outdated Title 42. (Posted 7/28/2022)
Peace Not Walls - July
Your advocacy is crucial to encourage the U.S. government to support Augusta Victoria Hospital by helping to cover its cancer treatment costs for Palestinian patients from the West Bank and Gaza.