LOPPW - Advocacy Action Center

Support Criminal Justice Reform for non-violent youth
Help 17-year-old Youth Offenders Receive a Better Chance to Change
Support Victims of Sex-Trafficking in Wisconsin
Support a WI state bill, AB 267, that includes a fiscal estimate of between $3-$8.5 million to help with services.
Help Protect Drinking Water from Lead
Support giving water utilities greater flexibility to help homeowners replace lead pipes in their homes and on their property.
Protect our Constitution
Tell Wisconsin Lawmakers No to a Constitutional Convention
Don't Soften Environmental Regulations for Foxconn - Protect God's Creation
We do not want any business to have a free pass on Wisconsin's natural resources.
Protect Wisconsin's Water from Sulfide Mining
This bill repeals the existing prohibition on issuing sulfide ore mining permits. 
Call for a Vote on the Sexually Exploited Children Protection Act Soon
Call for a Vote on the Sexually Exploited Children Protection Act!
Call for Public Hearing on the Sexually Exploited Children Protection Act
Encourage Senate Wannggaard to call a public hearing on SB 344, the Sexually Exploited Children Protection Act is
Please Support AB 186
Please support the Sexually Exploited Children Protection Act
Support SB 416 for a Healthy Wisconsin
An exciting pilot program to increase the FoodShare benefit for 2,000 families.
Say No to Senate Tax Bill
Cutting taxes without a plan to feed our country is not a plan for America. Eliminating the mandate for Americans to have healthcare in order to cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals is not a healthcare plan for our country.
Don't Increase Hardship for Public Benefit Recipients
Please say No to SB/AB 1, SB/AB 2, SB/AB 3, SB/AB 4, SB/AB 8, SB/AB 9, SB/AB 10.
Don't Soften Protections of Wisconsin's Wetlands - Protect God's Creation
This proposed bill exempts non-federal and artificial wetlands from DNR wetland-permitting requirements. The Senate Vote is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20. Please respond today!
Build Trust and a Healthy Wisconsin
The recently proposed bills passed by the State Senate and State Assembly during the lame-duck session threaten opportunities to build trust between our two main parties and support for some of our more vulnerable citizens.
International Migrant Day and our Advocacy
Tuesday, December 18 is International Migrant Day. As we prepare for the birth of the Savior, this is the perfect opportunity to remember the children at our border and advocate for justice for them.

National Alerts

Meet Palestinian humanitarian need by supporting Augusta Victoria Hospital
Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH), located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, needs your urgent help. Owned and operated by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), it is the main cancer and kidney center serving Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
Peace Not Walls - April
Call on Congress to ensure the rights and well-being of the people of Gaza
Support Affordable Housing and Homeless Programs
Addressing the root causes of the affordable housing crisis helps ministries dedicated to solutions that create safe shelter, put more food on the table for low-income families, and help end homelessness.