LOPPW - Advocacy Action Center

Support Criminal Justice Reform for non-violent youth
Help 17-year-old Youth Offenders Receive a Better Chance to Change
Support Victims of Sex-Trafficking in Wisconsin
Support a WI state bill, AB 267, that includes a fiscal estimate of between $3-$8.5 million to help with services.
Expand Badger Care & Access Funding for Vital Programs
Accept federal tax dollars to expand BadgerCare to insure about 80,000 more low-income Wisconsinites. Plus, save at least $160 million per year in state tax dollars to free up funding for more vital programs! A win, win for our state.
Support Clean Drinking Water in the Budget
Water in 2019 WI State Budget
Support the Expansion of Eligibility for Driver's License and Identification Cards
Support the Expansion of Eligibility for Driver's License and Identification Cards
Support the $3 Million Designated for Trafficked Youth
Support Trafficked Youth in the 2019-20 Wisconsin State Budget!

National Alerts

Peace Not Walls - May
Call on Congress to ensure the rights of Palestinian children living under Israeli military occupation
Protect the housing rights of mixed-immigration status families
Earlier this month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), opened a notice of proposed rulemaking that would prohibit mixed-immigration status families from living in federal affordable housing programs.
Support Affordable Housing and Homeless Programs
Addressing the root causes of the affordable housing crisis helps ministries dedicated to solutions that create safe shelter, put more food on the table for low-income families, and help end homelessness.
Support Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem
Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) and the other members of the East Jerusalem Hospital Network (EJHN) need our help to continue their life-saving health care ministries in the Holy Land.