Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if we raise over $500?  

Congratulations! You will get your $500 Daily Bread Matching Grant from ELCA World Hunger, plus the funds you raised. Your fundraising page will remain open through the last day of the campaign, and you are free to raise as much as possible up to the deadline to gather support for your ministry.


How can people give offline to this special matching opportunity? 

We know every gift counts. However, at this time ELCA World Hunger cannot accept offline donations and count that toward your fundraising goal. If your application is approved, you should be prepared to ask supporters to make an online gift in support of your ministry. 

To ensure compliance with federal tax code, 501(c)(3) organizations should not donate to their own fundraiser.


Social media just isn't for me and/or my ministry. How does this work without it?

While social media may not be your thing, with the COVID-19 pandemic preventing in-person communications, it can be the easiest tool to share your campaign. Short posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can help you get the word out to a wide audience quickly. You can also share short stories from your ministry or pictures that help supporters learn more about the importance of your work. Tagging ELCA World Hunger (@ELCAWorldHunger) will help your posts reach an even wider audience. Once you have received your participant materials, check out the "Communications Planning" section of the leader guide for more information. Try asking a tech-savvy volunteer in your congregation or community for help!


How is this grant different from ELCA World Hunger’s other grants, such as the Domestic Hunger Grants?  

ELCA World Hunger’s domestic granting portfolio is expanding to best fit the many different types of ministries you lead and support. Daily Bread Matching Grants are specifically for direct feeding ministries led by congregations and include the time-limited online fundraising component.

Domestic Hunger Grants continue to address a broader range of root cause issues aimed at transformative, holistic and integrated ministry and provide support for up to three years. Learn more about Domestic Hunger Grants at


Why should I donate to ELCA World Hunger to support my local ministry?

Everything that your congregation raises will be sent directly to you, in addition to your $500 grant from ELCA World Hunger. ELCA World Hunger is also providing the technical platform and covering the associated fees for the online fundraising component as a service to you. Through this partnership, we can do more together than we could ever do alone!

What happens if we don't raise $500? 

We know that raising gifts may seem challenging, but many of our sibilings and friends in Christ know that the need in our communities is deep and are eager to support the work of ministries responding to it. ELCA World Hunger is trusting in God's abundance and your role in working toward a world where all are fed by supporting your efforts with a grant of $500, in addition to the funds you raise with your supporters, as long as your ministry recieves more than one donation through your online fundraiser.


Still didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Email us at or call 800-638-3522, ext. 2616.