The following information will be updated once the fundraising period begins June 5th, 2022.


$60.00 has been raised by the 2022 round's participating congregations and their supporters as part of ELCA World Hunger's Daily Bread Matching Grants! Thank you!


We invite you to ask your ministry for the link to their fundraising page, or find a list of congregations participating in the Daily Bread Matching Grants and their screen names here, then access their page in the list below.

You are welcome to make a general donation to ELCA World Hunger to support ministries across the ELCA and in more than 60 countries around the world that are working toward a just world where all are fed.

Please check your congregation's screen name here, then find their page below.

  1 -  Received first gift Blessing Box ($50.00)
  2 -  Received first gift 2022DBMGtestAG ($10.00)
  3 -  Elizabeth ($0.00)


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