Mayville Conference Change Makers Bike Ride 2017
Mayville Conference Change Makers Bike Ride 2017

Change Makers Bike Ride 2017 Mayville Conference

Welcome to the Mayville Conference page of the Eastern North Dakota Synod event, Change Makers Bike Ride 2017. This page can help you join our team, make an online donation, share the event information with others and catch up on the progress we are making together.

We are raising awareness and gathering support for ELCA World Hunger through a two day bike ride event June 23-24, 2017. These two days we will ride through the conference with stops at host churches to highlight the work of ELCA World Hunger and celebrate the generousity through this event. 

This event helps us celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, remembering when Martin Lutheran posted his 95 thesis that ignited many conversations and changed the world. We hope, pray, and work for positive change in the world and have set a couple of goals for this event. One is to ride a combined total of 500 miles in the two days from the 8 conference events each riding @ 60 miles. Another is to raise $5,000 in each conference. Both of these are quite a challenge and need the help of many people to achieve them. Join us, have some fun, and enjoy being part of something that brings about goodness in the world by meeting the needs of people who are hungry.  Thank you and thanks to the teams across the synod who are already working hard on preparing for this collaborative event.

Also, know that T-shirts are available with this commemorative logo!

About ELCA World Hunger

As a long-standing presence in communities in nearly 60 countries, including the United States, ELCA World Hunger is deeply relational and rooted in listening. We steer clear of “one-size-fits-all” answers and have enormous respect for local context, local expertise and local ingenuity. Your gifts support tailored solutions – in areas like health, water, income, education, food security, and more – that can put an end to hunger for the long term.

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