YAGM Alum - 2020

One of many community-based organizations working toward recovery after the 2015 earthquake. Photo credit: Luke Roske-Metcalfe.
One of many community-based organizations working toward recovery after the 2015 earthquake. Photo credit: Luke Roske-Metcalfe.


Pay it forward for Young Adults in Global Mission! Through the #YAGMForward campaign, you can help bolster this ministry at a key moment in its history, paying it forward for the next cohort of volunteers.

Your support is especially needed right now. While YAGM is unable to send volunteers due to COVID-19 this year, the vital work of this program continues as YAGM country coordinators partner with our global companions during a pandemic. We need your help to sustain and strengthen the YAGM program for the present and the future.

Give a gift to Young Adults in Global Mission in honor of the YAGM Nepal country program today. Our goal is to raise $15,000, and you can help us get there! Your gifts will help ensure that this church can continue to accompany our companions, uplift leaders and be church for the sake of the world.

About the YAGM Nepal Country Program

YAGM volunteers in Nepal will serve throughout the country, in a variety of capacities, at the invitation and direction of our partners: Lutheran World Federation Nepal, Lutheran World Relief in Nepal, the Nepal Evangelical Lutheran Church and its diaconal wing, the Lutheran Community Welfare Society. Possible work placements will include serving alongside women entrepreneurs; helping to develop microcredit cooperatives; supporting community development among freed Haliya (formerly indentured agricultural workers); supporting flood recovery and facilitating disaster-risk management in areas where seasonal flooding is common; helping to provide access to grain banks and potable water; advocating and educating against sex- and gender-based violence; teaching English or computer literacy; helping to promote earthquake-proof construction methods; and supporting local communities to become part of Nepal’s circuit of world-renowned hiking routes.

Nepal is a country of 30 million people tucked along the Himalayas, which separate India from China. A rapidly developing country, it seeks to address such issues as widespread poverty, the social stratification of the country’s caste system, and hurdles to infrastructure such as mountainous terrain and frequent earthquakes and landslides. Nepal has a rich multireligious landscape — most of its population is Hindu, but it’s also the birthplace of the Buddha. Muslims and Christians constitute very small religious minorities.

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This page is set up to receive donations from individuals only. Gifts given on this page will support the entire Young Adults in Global Mission program. If you’re giving on behalf of a congregation or other organization, please visit ELCA.org/YAGMgive to donate online or to find more giving options.
About Young Adults in Global Mission

The ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission program provides young adults, ages 21-29, the opportunity to grow in their faith and work in partnership with our global companions. Young adults in the program serve in churches, schools and social service ministries. Currently the program is engaged in work in Argentina and Uruguay, Australia, Central Europe (Hungary and Serbia), Jerusalem and the West Bank, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Rwanda, Senegal, and the United Kingdom.



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