girl planting in a field


Team ELCA makes it easy for you to start a fundraiser in support of ELCA World Hunger. How? It's up to you! Be creative, think outside the box and have fun. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Athletic events and activities

  • Dedicate your local, scheduled marathon, triathlon, 5K, bike ride or other personal athletic event.
  • Organize a team run, walk or ride event or sports tournament and set a goal.
  • Donate your "out-of-the-box" activity like climbing Mount Kilamanjaro, sky-diving or online fantasy sports tournament.

Special occasion

  • In lieu of gifts, donate your birthday, anniversary, graduation, marriage, ordination and more!
  • Set a fundraising goal and celebrate a commemorative day like World Food Day (Oct.16), World Water Day (March 22) or Reformation Day (Oct.31).

Honor or memorial

  • Honor a loved one's birthday, anniversary or other milestone achievement.
  • Start a fundraiser to honor your congregation’s anniversary, your family reunion or charity drive at your workplace.
  • Give gifts in honor and memory of loved ones who have passed on so their story and legacy can continue.

Congregational event

  • Add a giving component to your congregational food drive, community meal or pantry party.
  • Invite donations in advance of a congregational quilt auction, bake sale, car wash or cook-off.
  • Plan and donate a church-season themed event during Lent or Advent. Set a goal!


  • Have another idea? The sky's the limit; we can't wait to see your creativity in action!

Tips for success

The most successful fundraisers do these things. Try them today!

  • Add a photo or a video to your personal page.
  • Customize your Team ELCA URL so that it’s easy for friends and family to find.
  • Email friends and family to join your team or to donate.